2 Seater


The concept of offering race car experiences isn’t a new one, and demand is very high. What makes this different is the Cerberus.

The car has been specially designed from the outset to let race fans share in the pleasure and excitement that only comes with sitting in a race car as it powers round the Tarmac.

And while our car handles itself superbly on the track, its financial figures are pretty impressive too. With its low running costs, high-tech design and all-round performance, it’s the ultimate car for a pro table business.

Our detailed yet configurable profit model allows you to see which package best suits your requirements. This means the Cerberus concept can be tailored specifically for any application. Interest in the Cerberus is growing all the time, and its pro let’s increasing just as quickly, making it ideal for anyone looking for a real return on their investment.



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