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Juno Racing Cars was founded by, former Williams F1 engineer, Ewan Baldry in 1999.  The factory’s first car, the Juno SS1, made its track debut in 2001. Following the success of the SS1 and SS2 models, a more powerful sportscar was launched by Juno in 2005, the SS3 V6!

David Mountain and Andreas Halkiopolous competed the Jaguar powered SS3 V6 in the Britsports Endurance Championship and won 6 out of 7 races it entered.

The SSE, launched in 2007, continued to win races in various Group CN classes and ended up winning the European Endurance Championship (VdeV) in 2008, showing once again that Juno came to win with competitive, beautiful racing cars that could endure the reliability that was needed for these long races.

Juno cars has became a synonymous of performance and reliability, winning races and championships all over the world, in South Africa, Australia, Portugal, New Zealand, Dubai, UK and many more.

In 2009, Juno launched their first Formula Ford in the British Formula Ford Championship, with the JA09 model, immediately winning some races. In the following year it was replaced by the JA10.

With the mentality of keep winning championships, Juno launched the all new upgraded CN model in 2013. The CN2013 was born by the hands of Juno engineers in partnership with Williams F1 engineers and it became a race winning car in many race series over the world.

In 2013, Juno was also responsible for developing one of the most extreme cars a common person can ride. As a passenger, people will experience the most extreme G-Forces that a race car can provide. It was a commissioned 2 seaterformula  powered by a Jaguar V6 engine, capable of “blowing your mind”. It was built to be used by the Silverstone Circuit as a passenger experience vehicle. Nowadays it is a huge success and it has become one of the main attractions at Silverstone.

In 2016 Juno Racing Cars was acquired by Nuno Magalhães and the factory was moved into Portugal. A NEW ERA is now starting at Juno.



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