Why should you choose us?


Juno Racing Cars was founded by, former Williams F1 engineer, Ewan Baldry in 1999.  The factory’s first car, the Juno SS1, made its track debut in 2001. Following the success of the SS1 and SS2 models, a more powerful sportscar was launched by Juno in 2005, the SS3 V6!

David Mountain and Andreas Halkiopolous competed the Jaguar powered SS3 V6 in the Britsports Endurance Championship and won 6 out of 7 races it entered.

The SSE, launched in 2007, continued to win races in various Group CN classes and ended up winning the European Endurance Championship (VdeV) in 2008, showing once again that Juno came to win with competitive, beautiful racing cars that could endure the reliability that was needed for these long races (…)

Why should you choose us?


Our team is our greatest resource, and they achieve truly great results by working as such. In a company that prioritizes merit, competence and professional growth, the JRC team enjoys a strong sense of belonging, relish challenge and strive to improve both themselves and their company each and everyday. Our business is based on exceptional skills and strong values, and our people´s experience and enthusiasm are the key to our success and development.

Our ultimate goal is to guarantee our clients’ complete satisfaction.

Why should you choose us?


All parts we develop for our race cars use the best raw materials and are made to the highest standards and with extreme precision. This enables them to withstand the harshest racing environments in both endurance and sprint races.

Here at Juno Racing Cars, we believe that developing and building parts for race cars is as important as getting them to our clients in time! Our aim is to have every single part or upgrade that you need, at your door, in a record time of less than 2 weeks, wherever you are!

We have built a network of distribution all over the globe that will make sure that you get what you order right when you need it. Our logistics team works with the latest production and supply chain software, to make sure that you will never miss a race event or a test day because of a missing spare part.

If you need any spares or are considering doing an upgrade, please contact us thru spares@junoracingcars.com (or visit our online shop that is coming soon).


As experts in high performance We integrate design and high technology to build specific cars for any type of racing or change the specifications of any of the standard models within our range.

Juno Racing Cars


We do it for a reason …To win! This is the philosophy that has driven the company to the current development. We design and manufacture racing cars which have won multiple championships around the world. Our passion is for precision engineering, design and manufacture. We are very proud of the cars we produce and the service we provide to our customers. Juno Racing Cars strive to become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of racing cars.



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